Your power is in your perspective, not your circumstance. No matter what you’re facing, you have infinite potential. You got this!
— Jesse Billauer



I was blown away by Jesse's energy and the simplicity of his mission: he helps others get the most for and from themselves. Pretty simple, pretty direct and pretty damn inspiring.


The ladies and gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton talk about Jesse years later. He has an electricity that is hard to explain – and impossible to forget. You feel a responsibility to turn up the volume in your own life.


Jesse is the man! Everyone's going through something. But the measure of a person is how one deals with these things. Jesse is all about possibilities. What can I do TODAY? How can I use this to make a difference for others? Jesse stands tall in my book. Every time I think of him, I am inspired to be more.


At Red Bull, we live among the best and the brave. And then we met Jesse. This guy lives on the edge, no fear. In his presence – which is filled with the most amazing laugh, by the way – you feel your own fears evaporate. Even the ones you never talk about, never admit. No obstacle is the end of your journey.


Jesse is a FORCE! Totally down-to-earth and charming, and yet he speaks with an intensity that CONVINCES you it's going to be OK. Jesse is the 2015 recipient of our annual community achievement award, "Victories of Spirit."


Blown away! Jesse's message is for all of us. He's a riveting speaker and powerful presence.

If you can imagine being able to hear a pin drop in an auditorium of 750 students ... well, that speaks for itself. – Pacific Beach Middle School

I knew Jesse when he was a champion surfer and I know him now, post-accident. He was a great young man. Now he is an incredibly impressive human being. Jesse inspires others through his living example, his Life Rolls On events, and his words of guidance and leadership. – Santa Monica / Malibu Schools

Jesse's powerful presentation will stay in the hearts and minds of the children for a very long time. We were touched by his honesty, courage and outlook on life. – Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School